Larson Electronics - 0.5 KVA Overhead Distribution Transformer, Pole Mount, 13200Y/7620 Grounded Wye Pri., 120/240V Sec., Mineral Oil, Copper, ONAN, Tap Changer (2023)

0.5 KVA Overhead Distribution Transformer, Pole Mount, 13200Y/7620 Grounded Wye Pri., 120/240V Sec., Mineral Oil, Copper, ONAN, Tap Changer

Part #: MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-0.5KVA-SZ-AE-A6-BM-CZ-D-M2

Price: $4,494.64

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Specifications / Additional Information

MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-0.5KVA-SZ-AE-A6-BM-CZ-D-M2 Pole Mount Overhead TransformerRatings
Transformer Type: Overhead Distribution Transformer, Conventional TypeMeets/Exceeds DOE 2016 Efficiency Ratings
Transformer Configuration: Liquid Filled Pole MountedComplies with ANSI / IEEE #C57.12.00
Transformer Polarity Type: SubtractiveComplies with ANSI / IEEE #C57.12.20
Phase: Single PhaseComplies with ANSI / IEEE #C57.12.28
Capacity:0.5 KVA (1/2 KVA)Complies with ANSI / IEEE #C57.12.31
Primary Voltage: 13200GrdY/7620Complies with ANSI / IEEE C57.12.70
Primary Voltage Switch: N/AComplies with ANSI / IEEE C57.12.80
Primary Voltage Class: 15 kV ClassComplies with ASTM D3487
Primary Phasor: Grounded WyeNon-PCB Insulating Fluid
Primary BIL:110 kVLifting Lugs Included
Secondary Voltage: 120/240V (L-N-L)
Secondary Voltage Class: 1.2 kV ClassEfficiency:98.30%
Secondary Phasor: Dual Winding Single PhaseBased on transformer operating at 50% of nameplate base kVA.
Secondary BIL: 30 KV
Frequency: 60 HzLoad Losses Based on 85°C Reference Temp.
Temperature Rise: 65°CNo Load Loss (in watts): +/- 25W
Insulation Rating: Class E Insulation - 120°C, 248°FFull Load Loss (in watts): +/- 98W
Forced Air (Fans): NoneTotal Load Loss (in watts): +/- 123W
Cooling Class: ONAN; Self-Cooled
Tap Changer: 5-Position Tap Changer w/ External Operating Handle Note: Losses offered are typical only, not guaranteed
Tap Qty: (2) FCAN Above, (2) FCBN Below
Tap %: 2.5%
Tap Changer Switch Location: Middle of Tank Body, Left of Mounting Provisions
Impedance: 1.0-4.5% Typical
Primary Connection Type: Live Bushing Lug
Primary Termination: Porcelain High Voltage Bushing w/ Eyebolt Lug
Primary Connection Qty: (1)
Primary Lightning Arrestors: (1) Bolt-on High Voltage MCOV Lightning Arrestors, w/ Bird Guards, Side Mounted to Tank
Primary Lightning Mounting Provision: Mounting Provisions for Installing Lightning Arrestor on H1 Primary Terminals, Arrestor Factory Installed
Primary Lightning Arrestors Voltage Rating: 10 kV
Primary Lightning Arrestors MCOV Rating: 8.4 kVrms
Secondary Connection Type: Live Bushing Lug
Secondary Connections: Eyebolt Lugs
Secondary Connection Qty: (3)
Secondary Neutral Connection: Secondary X2 Neutral Grounded to Tank via 1/2”-13 UNC Tapped Hole, 7/16” Deep Bung & Copper Ground Strap
Terminals: Tin Plated Primary and Secondary - Accepts Copper or Aluminum Connections
Grounding Provisions: (1) 1/2”-13 UNC Tapped Lug w/ Grounding Strap under X2 Bushing, (1) Cover Band to Tank Ground 1/2”-13 UNC Tapped Lug, (1) Tank Grounding Lug on Side of Tank
Transformer Protection: Secondary Circuit Breaker w/ External Operating Handle
Load Break Switch: N/A
Efficiency Standard(s): Meets DOE 2016 Standards, Meets ANSI/IEEE Standards
K-Factor Rating (Harmonic Mitigation): K-1 (Standard)
Pulse Drive Rating: N/A
Insulation Fluid: Mineral Oil - Non PCB Fluid
Fluid Capacity*: 3 Gallons
Fluid Weight*: 27.03 Lbs
Liquid Level Indicator: Internal In-Tank Oil Level Line
Temperature Indicator: N/A
Pressure/Vacuum Indicator: N/A
Pressure Relief Device: Included, Automatic Action
Fault Indicator: N/A
Oil Level Marking: Internal
Fill Valve: N/A (Tank Filled via Removable Lid)
Drain Valve: 1/2" NPT Port w/ Removable Bolt
Winding Material: Copper
Ambient Temperature Rating: 40°C
Sound Level: 48 dBA
Elevation Level: N/A
Core Material: Grain Oriented Steel
Tank Material: Coated Steel
Housing Material: Coated Steel w/ Corrosion Resistant Cover Band, Removable Top Cover
Hardware Material: Stainless Steel Hardware
Paint Type: Weatherproof and UV Resistant Epoxy Coating and Undercoating
Finish Color: White
Mounting: Double Hanger Bracket
Mounting: Pole Mount via Hangar BracketsSpecial Orders - Requirements
Lifting Lugs: IncludedContact us for special requirements
Dimensions*: 16.93''-W x 20.08''-D x 33.86''-HToll Free: 1-800-369-6671
Tank Diameter*: 13.39'' ODIntl: 1-214-616-6180
Dry Weight*: 62.15 LbsFax: 1-903-498-3364
Total Weight (Liquid Filled)*: 191 LbsE-mail:
*Please note that numbers are approximate and subject to change

Larson Electronics LLC manufactures a wide variety of products, including custom built to spec designs. The pictures displayed for this unit are a general representation of form factor for the product line and may not accurately represent this exact configuration in every detail due to custom builds and changes between similar products in our standard catalog. The specifics for this configuration are listed in the specification table and supporting documentation (CAD files, Dimensional Drawing, Name Plate Diagram, Wiring Diagram, etc.). This means that specific details (receptacles, plugs, wires, connections, mounting brackets, external finishes, etc.) may not be accurately represented in images vs specifications. Please review specifications and do not order based solely on images.

Product Overview

The MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-0.5KVA-SZ-AE-A6-BM-CZ-D-M2Overhead Distribution Pole Mounted Transformer from Larson Electronics offers powerful, reliable and efficient power distribution in outdoor and public locations. The low operating costs, low heat emissions and low cost of ownership makes this transformer ideal for a wide range of applications and businesses. This power distribution system is designed for overhead, pole mount installations and use.


Transformer Features: With a transformer rating of 0.5 KVA (1/2 KVA), the industrial transformer features a primary voltage of 13200Y/7620Grounded Wyeand a secondary voltage of single-phase 120/240V(L-L-N). This transformer connects to a three phase electrical grid system to provide single phase low voltage power for indoor distribution. This pole mount transformer features porcelain high-voltage, dual bushings on the primary side and three bushings on the secondary side. Equipped with Copperwindings and a grain oriented steelcore, this overhead distribution transformer consists of one coil and two core loops. Tin plated terminals on the primary and secondary side accepts copper or aluminum connections.

The MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-0.5KVA-SZ-AE-A6-BM-CZ-D-M2is air cooled and does not have fans or mounting provision for fans. This unit features a 65°C temperature rise for reduced heat waste, increased reliability and longer life. The combination of low temperature rise and high efficiency makes this unit suitable for use in electrical rooms, air conditioned spaces in buildings, underground vaults and similar locations, in addition to outdoor areas.

Insulation Fluid: The MT-UPM-R7-1P-GNF-75KVA-SZ-BF-A6-BM-CZ-2ZZ-M1 features mineral oil insulation fluid. Internal marking is available for proper oil level monitoring. We offer transformers with FR-3 oil fluid, if needed.

Gauges: There are no gauges on this transformer. We can add liquid level, temperature and pressure/vacuum gauges at an additional cost. Standard liquid level, temperature and pressure/vacuum gauges are analog, manual reading types.

Pressure Relief Device: An automatic pressure relief device is included with this transformer.

Rapid Rise Relay: There are no rapid rise relays on the unit. This safety component is designed for protection when a rapid increase in tank pressure occurs. The relay is suitable for detecting sudden pressure fluctuations above predetermined safe limits.

Surge Arrestors: This system is not equipped with lightning arrestors. Mounting provisions for installing customer provided lightning arrestor on the H1 and H2 primary terminal are included for installing arrestors in-field.

Valves: The MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-0.5KVA-SZ-AE-A6-BM-CZ-D-M2is not equipped with fill or dtrain valves. The transformer can be filled via removing the top lid. A drain port w/ bolt plug is equipped.

Protection Fuses: This transformer does not contain fuses or circuit breakers. For units without protection fuses, up stream protection is provided. We recommend provisions for protection fuses when possible, as blown fuses may require more frequent oil changes.

Mount: The heavy-duty enclosure makes the unit suitable for and outdoor applications. Equipped with hangar brackets and lifting lugs, this overhead power distribution system can be mounted on poles.

Benefits: The MT-UPM-R7-1P-GMQ-0.5KVA-SZ-AE-A6-BM-CZ-D-M2heavy-duty transformer offers many benefits to consumers. This transformer provides owners with significant energy savings, as well as offering environmental benefits. Higher efficiency not only extends the life of the transformer, but also turns into cost savings for owners in the form of lower energy bills and decreased cost of ownership.

We offer completely self protected (CSP) pole mount overhead transformers at an additional cost.

Applications: General purposes, industrial sites, electrical rooms, public locations, manufacturing facilities, steel plants, offshore, commercial, military, processing plants, electric power distribution, utilities, public locations and more.

Larson Electronics is a manufacturer and as such can build stationary and portable transformer systems to your specifications. Although we carry several models of power distribution transformer systems, we can deliver custom ordered units almost as quickly as our prebuilt units. If this model does not meet your needs, please contact us at 1-800-369-6671 or to discuss your specific requirements.


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