Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar & Plug-N-Play Connect (2023)


  • Optional Length: The Blade is offered in an 18″, 36″, 48″ & 60″ (depending on model) for a perfect fitment on your truck or SUV.
  • Light Output Colors: Choose between Putco Blade with red, amber, and white or the Putco Blade with only red and white.
  • Multi-Function Lights:The Blade light bar syncs with your tail lights adding additional running light, brake light, reverse light, hazard lights & turn signals.
  • Bright White Reverse Light:Produces a 6000k cool white reverse light adding an extremely bright backup light at night.
  • The Original 60″ Blade:Is the most popular design including over 2000 LEDs in a single light bar.
  • Durable Housing:The COB LEDs are fully encapsulated in a tinted polycarbonate resin that provides top-notch weatherproofing from water, debris, and dust.
  • Plug-N-Play Harness:The direct-fit kit allows you to connect the Blade LED bar to your vehicles tail lights without any cutting or splicing of wires.
  • DOT/SAE: SAE IRST 21 DOT, SAE j595.
  • Warranty:Backed by Putco’s 3 year warranty.
  • Designed in the USA: Designed by Putco Inc. Des Moines IA.

Give your truck a custom look and additional visibility with the extremely bright, industry-leading, Putco Blade LED tailgate light bar. This LED rear light bar is offered in 18″, 36″, 48″, and 60″ to allow a perfect fitment on any size truck or SUV. Putco has now constructed an exclusive Plug-N-Play harness offered for almost all new mid-size or full-size trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs. This Multi-function tailgate light bar produces a bright red, amber, or white light. Our blade syncs with your tail lights providing an additional LED brake light, running light, amber turn signals, and a bright white reverse light. The compact design and use of high-power COB LEDs are constructed in a dense pattern. This sets the Blade above the rest by making the tailgate light bar look like a seamless blade of light. The LED lights are protected by a tinted polycarbonate resin that keeps moisture, dirt, and dust out ensuring a long life. Installing your model-specific blade has now been made easier than ever. Whether it’s a curved surface or standard straight mount, the Blade can be mounted in a variety of locations with its flexible design and patented mounting clips. Use the ultimate plug-n-play harness that puts your installation time at roughly 30 minutes with no cutting or splicing of wires. This direct-fit wiring harness is vehicle-specific and offered for a wide variety of trucks and SUVs. The custom-fit connectors allow you to simply click into your vehicle’s taillight system all while keeping your OEM connections intact.

California Residents:Proposition 65 Warning

Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar w/ Direct Fit Harness Features


Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar w/ Plug-n-Play Video


Putco Blade tailgate light bar installs with no-drilling and is a simple plug-N-play design with a 4 plug or for a better install get the vehicle-specific hidden plug and play or hardwire it like the video below or download the instructions here – Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar w/ Plug-n-Play Quick Connect Installation Sheet.

Putco Blade Tailgate Light Bar Installation Video


Putco’s 3-Year Warranty on Blade™ Products.

Putco® exclusively warrants this premium product to be free of defects in workmanship or materials when properly installed on the vehicle for three years from the original date of purchase. The product must be purchased from Putco.com or through an Authorized Putco® Reseller. Any modification to the wiring unless otherwise specified in the instructions may void your warranty. Subject to some terms, exclusions and limitations, please review our Warranty Policy for additional details.

36 reviews for Putco Blade LED Tailgate Light Bar & Plug-N-Play Connect

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Customer Reviews

  1. Awesome light bar.


  2. Outstanding- easy install (plug & play) and fabulous accessory. cannot be happier with this purchase- Thank You!

    Robert Colgan

  3. Well made light bar plus nice warranty to back it up!


  4. The plug and play connector was perfect and made the installation easy. Really happy with the light bar.

    Dave C

  5. By far the easiest install I’ve ever done looks n works great

    Andrew Dziedzic

  6. Very sleek and easy to install. Makes it easier for backing and much more visible at night.

    Mark Mitchell

  7. The plug-n-play connector on the 18” dual LED bar made the installation super easy on a ‘22 RAM Limited. Just disconnect the 7-way factory harness and plug in the adapter. Then connect the 4-pin and done. Just tidy up the wires and zip-tie mount under the chassis. Didn’t have to cut/splice anything. Looks great and works well. Installed the bar on the top edge of the bumper because of the camera and other molded nubs under the tailgate. Looks custom. The RWA LED lights are bright – very visible. Ordering and online customer service were great. Thanks Putco!


  8. Excellent production., makes my 2019 HC look like a 2025 from the back!!


  9. Installation was smooth and simple with the plug and play harness if you have Bliss and 360 this is way to go

    Rodney Broome

  10. By the way, you should also include a picture of the Hazard lights flashing.


  11. I purchased this item on 11/01/22. It arrived on 11/03/22. So far so good! I spoke with an installer about installing it and he informed me that he had never install one on my type of vehicle before, Hyundai Santa Cruz. We set up an appointment on 11/03/22, still good so far. I waited for him to install it, which took about an hour and a half half. When he finished, he summoned me and had a huge smile on his face, still good so far. He explained the reason it took
    that amount of time and was very pleased with the results and ease of installation. He explained that they install a lot of Putco tailgate light bars but never installed a PLUG-N-PLAY one. Plus, it seems as though Hyundai design made it much easier to store the wiring. It looks GREAT on the vehicle! VERY GOOD PRODUCT!!!

    Ronnie B.

  12. I was a little nervous installing this product on my 2022 Chevy Silverado. First of all. The package arrived pretty beat up. The box was crushed and gouged in spots. Seems Putco could have shipped it in a sturdy tube as I’ve seen on YouTube reviews. But it appears to me they are trying to save money. Plus, I wasn’t happy with the plastic anchor clips with no self-tapping screws. If I want to use this method of installation, now I have to drive to a hardware store to look for screws. I used the 3m double-backed tape that was supplied. But only 4 skimpy strips? Really Putco? I paid over $360 for this kit. You would think they wouldn’t be skimping on the product. I reviewed extensively, prior to YouTube reviews and I saw metal clips and screws supplied in the packages. I am giving the product 4 stars because I was able to install the product and it looks good on my truck.


  13. Excellent product and super easy to install with the plug-n-play wiring harness. I’ve had 3 of these on 3 different trucks and love them. First was without the plug-n-play harness and was ok to install but the plug-n-play is the only way to go. Super easy, no splicing, just simply plug it in and you’re done aside from mounting it.

    Gregg S.

  14. You can see the quality immediately upon unpacking the Blade light bar! Install was super simple with the plug and play adapter on my GMC Canyon. Looks great and casts a great light. Especially like the back up lighting.

    Eric P

  15. After being rear-ended two times in my 2020 Ram I decide it was time to upgrade my rear lighting visibility. I installed the 60″ Blade Amber, Red, White. I didn’t have to remove the tailgate but lowering the spare tire was a must. The plug and play harness that was included in the kit was a dream to use total installation was 40 Min. That night my Son was following me home and informed me on how bright the rear of my truck had become and that the amber turn signals were really cool when I went to back into my driveway is when I really noticed what a BIG difference the backup mode made. Also did I mention the this product was made in the good old USA. Way to go Putco you really hit this out of the park. PS. Now my Son wants one for his truck, I know what to get him for Christmas. Thanks again for a GREAT PRODUCT Wayne.

    Wayne Freeman

  16. Tried the others, nothing compares to Putco Blade LED. Great customer service as well.

    Scott D

  17. Really nice light bar. Connecting the plug and play harness to led tall light plugs was extremely easy. With a 60” bar need to remove guide bracket between tail gate and bumper

    Dave F.

  18. Great Light bar – This is very nice light bar. It was very easy to install and looks great during the day and night.

    Charles A Twine III

  19. Time to get lit. – It’s about time get lit. Just make sure u get the right harness. Light is the best to me the other ones look dinky dink. Purchase asp for your vehicle.


  20. Bright – Had an issue when it arrived and replaced no questions asked.

    Mark Apman

  21. Awesome Light Blade! – I have a 2021 Ram 3500. its perfect for my truck. its really in your face rear tail light for the driver behind you. If they dont stop they are impaired if you know what I mean. Simple install as long as you spend the extra money and get the universal wiring harnesses which is additional but worth the extra money. Very high quality light bar that will last years.

    David Permuy

  22. Best tailgate light bar ever – I really like this light bar wasn’t hard to install, its very bright and I like the way that it changes colors when you signal or put your vehicle in reverse.


  23. Fantastic Product, even for SUVs – I am very impressed with my light bar so far. its been installed for about a month, and I have had no issues. I ended up splicing it into my trailer wiring harness, even the reverse lights wire on my harness worked as power for the white led on the bar, so I dint have to run a wire from my taillight housing. Flexible enough to bend the curve of my liftgate opening on my Yukon. Packing was great, although I could see where others could have had issues. Install took less than 90 minutes. Its™s been through some extreme weather (snow, ice, rain, etc). will see what the summer heat does, although I was more worried about the current elements its proving that it can handle.

    Blake UlrichBlake Ulrich

  24. Extremely bright – The Putco plug and play wire harness was worth every penny also made it extremely easy exactly what it says plug and play!!

    Brian H

  25. Best tailgate bar out there. – Super bright. Works awesome. Especially the reverse light at night.


  26. Great product – Great product, follow instructions. I had no issues hooking this up to a 2016 F-150 with trailer detection.

    Jessica Carroll

  27. Pricey but worth the $$$ – Works for 2016 Silverado LTZ. Perfect match with OEM LED tail lights.

    Cody M

  28. 100% solid – love it


  29. Read this before you attempt to wire this yourself!! – 1. Product quality is outstanding.2. looks great on my Ram 2500. You may want to get the pro’s to do the wiring part for you. It can be very confusing and if you are not 100% sure about doing it, then don’t do it. I installed the light bar and ran the wiring myself and tried to wire it up and no joy. Took it over to the Leonard Truck Accessories in Little River, SC and they wired that mamma jamma up and it works great. Very please with this product and will absolutely recommend this to others.


  30. Plug and play for 2018 Ram Sport – Every truck should have this. It looks fantastic and operates perfectly. I always strain when someone is behind me to close and this keeps them paying attention. For the piece of mind and aesthetics this is definitely an upgrade I am pleased with. Save yourself the time and purchase a hitch T connector with a 7 prong for the reverse light and you dont have to splice into a single factory wire.

    Half Brindle

  31. Worth the money – I love it. It looks amazing during the day and even better at night. I also suggest if you buy this product buy the putco quick connect 7 pin harness for a much easier installation.


  32. 10 out of 10 – ABSOLUTELY LOVE this Putco Blade 60” on my Ford F-150. This is a seriously high-quality product, and it performs GREAT. My favorite functions are the brake light, and the reverse light. When those two things come on, there is no question that your vehicle is either slowing down, or backing up!

    Military Guy

  33. Top quality, worth every penny – I rarely write reviews but I had to for this tailgate light bar that I got for my 2020 Toyota Tundra. As soon as the box arrived I had a feeling that I had bought a quality product. Even the box itself was strong. The packing inside was all custom-cut foam. The directions were simple and complete. The actual hardware and the LED light blade bar are top of the line. The installation was simple and it fit my Tundra perfectly. Everything works perfect and man is this thing bright! Made in the USA is very important to me and I am so glad we can still buy USA made products. Even if the cost is a bit more than cheap China crap that ends up failing anyway. My only request would be that both the hazard lights flashing (red) and reverse (white) works simultaneously, as it is now, when I go into reverse the LED light blade does the white reverse but turns off the red LED portion. Great product and thank you to the American workers that built this.

    Chad Anderson

  34. Couldn’t be happier. – Installed on my 2019 GMC Sierra. Installation is as easy as advertised. Removing the tailgate is much easier with two people however, and be sure to open the gate before you unplug it. The lightbar looks great and was worth every penny.

    James Prise

  35. Truly Plug and Play for Gladiator – Bought the Blade and Plug&Play harness to give it a shot for my ’21 Gladiator JT. Too old to mess with hard wiring anymore. It worked great! It is truly Plug and Play. I removed my tailgate for convenience (and education) but that probably isn’t necessary. The only challenge I had was the directions in the box were for a 2017-2019+ FORD. Called customer service (great guy) and was told “Ignore that. Just plug it in.” I did and it works great. Check out YOUTUBE for 2 install methods. Very helpful to me.

    Steve Hall

  36. Red/White Blade is the best out there!!!! – I purchased the Blade for my 2016 Silverado after I heard that why yes it is expensive compared to the other bars out there but this was the brightest and best built. I also heard that Putco warranty is one of the best. Installation was easy and all I can say is WoW. It is bright and is in perfect sync with my turn signals, there is no delay or offset blinking. It does seem well made and I hope it lasts for a long time and that I won’t have to see firsthand how their customer service is and how hard the warranty/replacement will be. If you are interested in a tailgate light bar this is the one to get, plus the red/white bar now works with all Fords and Chevys with all the computer crap that comes with our trucks nowadays.



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